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Life can be experienced from a total other point of view, if you'd realize that life itself depends on your beliefs and disbeliefs.

Our journey into this world is one that enables us to learn and enjoy the many varieties of life expressed within the boundaries of this universe.

To know that you are one of the co-creators, that you have an interactive part in all there is, would stabilize your position as an entity and gives you much more decision power in what to experience in your daily lifetime.

Here are three major reasons why you are here:


You are NOT here TO SUFFER !

Suffering is a condition derived from ignorance, and a disorientation of the true meaning of life.

That does not mean your life will be smooth all the way!

"To suffer for a reason is different
than to suffer out of ignorance"


Suffering can be an integral part of life's experience in order for us to learn. There can be no lessons without accomplishments and therefore "suffering" in that context is part of a human's potential to evolve. It is the other part of suffering based on no valid reason that produces stress and contributes to the many unhappiness endured in the world today.

The 'THEN materials' will try to help you find YOUR answers, and yes... we know that many of you might have lost trust in anyone who could give any answers to these, but we can only ask you to keep an open mind to what THEN has to say.

If you are interested in establishing more awareness and understanding of YOU as a being and LIFE itself, we encourage you to READ THIS BOOK and CLAIM YOUR TRUTH which is your legacy. Remember...

"The Truth is not out there!

It is there where it always has been...



So if you're really a Truth Seeker, then...


and unleash the power of your inner self !


Word from the author


I wrote the dialogues just "as is"; neither to introduce a certain belief system nor to convince people otherwise. It was an urge to express my freedom of speech without the boundaries of traditional belief systems. Call it fiction if you like and as a side effect of all fiction, you might even recognize possible ideas that would fit into your way of thinking.

I did not write this book to attack the main stream of thinking or even as a parody to the so popular New Age channeling. I wrote the dialogues as a summary of questions I had in this lifetime, answered by a source willing to do this entirely for my own satisfaction.

The experience I had was of such magnitude that it was impossible for me to return to my previous way of thinking, for it is said that "a mind once expanded can never regain its original dimensions".

I made many notes of which several I did not even publish due to the extreme unorthodox nature of the material. I first have to cope with it myself before being tempted to release them afterwards.

The notes I published in this book were not always placed in the order it was given and where I felt appropriate, provided with additional comments in brackets for sake of clarity.

It took me almost 30 years to finally decide to come forward and share this experience and received materials with others, mainly because I myself considered it too weird to reveal and probably would be resented anyway. On the other hand I noticed an increase in awareness the last years and a cry for answers to basic questions, people have been struggling with for many centuries.

It was a journey guided by an inner voice I came to know as THEN and I hope your own inner voice will be stimulated to surface after reading this material.

Thomas Dewar once said, "Minds are like parachutes -- they work best when open," and in that light you are invited to read.

- Max DeJong, Dec. 26, 2003



"I just started your book right now and I am on page 45 of your book and in my personal opinion.... it is one of the best books I have read in a long time! And I read about 2 - 3 books a week, usually. This is fantastic! So relevant, clear, simple, practical, self-evident and to the point. THIS IS A FANTASTIC BOOK :) I love it!"

Gikandi, David Cameron, Kenya

"I finally took the time to read your book and honestly speaking, once I started I could not put it down till I finished it. If that's not a compliment than I don't know what is. It touches exactly the right areas and the answers were straight forward. It was a great read and would definitely recommend it to anyone!"

Paalvast E., Netherlands

"This is the first book I have read completely on my screen... not really my intention but this is that kind of book that you know you should read slowly and enjoy the process but the information is so impressive, so inspiring that it's very hard to stop once you start reading. I keep a printed copy at hand to read some random chapters so I can apply this information on a daily basis. You really answered a lot of personal questions for me and I must say that this information has actually changed my belief system. Please let me know if you have any further date to the 2nd release of these dialogues. Thanks again and thanks for sharing this experience with all of us."

Castillo F., Mexico

"I just read your book and I am so grateful to you and THEN for releasing these dialogues. Frankly I didn't expect I could enhance my insight ;-) regarding the essence of reality and the way they operate, but boy was I surprised when I read your book and "realized" what THEN was actually saying! THEN is giving an astounding intuition about 'all there is' by means of conciseness and transparency. Something that has never been accomplished before; often this message was buried under an immense flow of details - e.g. Seth. This is definitely not a book for everyone.. yet ;-) I'm really looking forward to your next book. I know right now that it will contain the last missing pieces for me. When is it going to be released? Again my sincere thanks to you and THEN for making these fantastic dialogues available!"

De Kok T., Netherlands

"The more I read this book, the more I understand what it conveys....the truth IS really within us! The only problem that I have is that I want more. When will you publish your next book?... and please don't leave out anything. Mr. DeJong, your book... amazing stuff! Your wisdom is very enriching."

Myrna M., U.S.A.

"I'll find your book the most conclusive reference. Some of the information have to be gone back and back again to understand. A lot of your information are unique. It's a very good conclusion of Eastern and Western philosophy. This book was essence in plain words. But even though so plain, it is for very advanced readers (my feedback). Probably the hardest word to realize is YOU or I, which looks simple in the eye! Thank you for the book."

Bijan L., U.S.A.

"I personally think this book is the most important book out of all the channeled books to date, and I have read a lot of material that is inspiring, but this one is different. The dialog is simple but complex at the same time. As our minds are so rigid and programmed, it can be hard to decipher, but if you keep reading over and over, it starts to sink in and then expands your understanding. The answers to the questions seemed so straight forward, there seemed to be no ego attached or frills, that's why this book stands out from the rest as well as making you actually think for your self! Thank you Max, you may not know it now, but I think this information will help a lot of people."

McGurk J., Great Britain






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